14 Star Wars Car Accessories You Need

14 Star Wars Car Accessories You Need

This buyers guide is for any Star Wars fans who want to show some love for the franchise. Whether you want a sleek way to show the force or want something that truly shows your fandom, this guide will have something for everyone’s car.

After checking through all Star Wars car accessories and extensive research on what the fans look for, we’ve created a top 14 list of must have Star Wars accessories in your car.

Our Top Picks

1. Star Wars Bucket Seat Covers


Car seat covers are definitely one of the most noticeable additions to any car and gives it more life than the average dull colored seats. These seat covers are made of cloth, making them machine washable and easy to clean.

They can fit over any basic bucket seat which is what most every day cars have. You have the option of getting Darth Vader or a Stormtrooper theme and can pair it well with other Star Wars auto accessories like the floor mats or seatbelt cushion previously mentioned

2. Star Wars R2-D2 Car Charger


This R2-D2 car charger is definitely the most fun product on this list. It plugs into a 12V power adapter or any standard cigarette lighter outlet. When charging your phone this little gadget rotates back and forth while lighting up and making your classic R2-D2 noises.

This R2-D2 car charger is definitely the most fun product on this list. It plugs into a 12V power adapter or any standard cigarette lighter outlet. When charging your phone this little gadget rotates back and forth while lighting up and making your classic R2-D2 noises.

It has USB charging ports capable of charging 2 different devices at once with 2.1 Amps of power. You won’t have to worry about where you want to place R2-D2 since it comes with a 36 inch charging cable.

Tip: The little guy measures at about 5.5 inches while being 3.5 inches wide and fits perfectly into a cup holder, but can also be easily mounted with double sided tape on other places of the car like the front dash or the side of the door.

3. Star Wars Hoth Scene Accordian Bubble Sunshade


This pick is one for those who suffer from the scorching heat, whether it’s seasonal or an every day struggle. The accordion shape of the sunshade makes it easy to fold and store it in small crevices of the car.

It spans a long 58 inches across the windshield and accommodates the windshield length of small cars, trucks, and SUV’s alike. Protect and cool the inside of your car while expressing these themed sunshades.

4. Star Wars Steering Wheel Cover


Steering wheel covers are one of the first car accessories everyone wants for both its practicality and its aesthetic features. Those of you who have older cars with beaten up steering wheels know the trouble of lack of grip and extreme temperatures making the wheel too hot or too cold when first starting it.

Why not get something that will help give you a better driving experience as well as make your car look the way you want? This Stormtrooper inspired wheel cover can withstand the scorching heat and the freezing cold, keeping your wheel at a bearable temperature when you first start your vehicle.

The padded material stays formed onto your wheel and provides extra grip for easier handling. Like most other popular accessories, this product also has a Darth Vader variation.

Tip: Most steering wheel covers are universally made, but you still want to double check that it fits your car model. A quick internet search will give you the diameter of your steering wheel (usually in inches) and you want to follow that size when shopping for your covers.

5. Star Wars Imperial Crest – Trailer Hitch Cover


This hitch plug receiver cover is a must-have for anyone with a trailer hitch receiver on the back of their vehicle. The blacked out powder coat cover protects the steel from your everyday weather affects like dirt and water and maintains longevity of use.

Other Hitch receiver covers can be flimsy and rattle at high speeds but this Imperial Crest is a heavy 1.95 pounds and ensures a tight fit around the receiver.      

Tip: Use industrial grade glue or foam caulk saver to glue around the base of the mounting bracket joining the face plate for any receiver cover for a more secure attachment 

6. Clone Trooper Gear Shift Knob


This Clone Trooper shift knob is made universally for both automatic and manual gear shifts, as long as you have a shift knob that is detachable. The knob piece itself is made out of ceramic that looks high quality with great details on the mask portion of the helmet.

It has a nice weight to it and gives a more satisfying and dynamic feeling when shifting gears. This product is user friendly for those who tend to shy away from car modifications on functional parts. Inside the package includes the shift knob and the necessary contents as well as an easy 4-step guide for self-installation.    

7. Star Wars Car Decals


We’ve all seen the stick figure decals on the back of cars that show the family members and sometimes even pets. The first vinyl decal does a perfect spin off of the same concept in an amusing and Star Wars way.

Car decals are vinyl material so it does require careful hands when applying, but if it’s done successfully you will have yourself a glossy clean decal that is great for any Star Wars fan. They are a cheap and easy way to show big of a fan you are.

Removal is easy and if you ever feel the need to remove or replace a decal it’s as easy as slowly peeling it off from one corner until completely removed.

Tip: when purchasing car decals or stickers is to double check the measurement of the decal itself so you can make sure that it not only fits on your back windshield, but is small enough to be safe without impairing your vision when driving.

8. Star Wars License Plate Frames


License plate frames are the seen from the outside by everybody and it’s the perfect way to show off your Star Wars love since almost everyone looks at them, including you. All plate frames chosen here are a universal fit that can be attached on the front and the back side.

They can easily be replaced by unscrewing the 2 bolts attaching your current frames. We’ve chosen some frames that vary in design and quotes, but are still assured to be high quality.     

Most car license plates frames are dull and have the dealership name on it. Why not make it look sleek while showing which side you’re on?

9. Star Wars Stormtrooper Seatbelt Shoulder Pad


These embroidered seatbelt covers give you that nostalgic feeling of the old school Star Wars. With a full Velcro strap stitched on the back, the shoulder pad stays in place against everyday buckling and unbuckling but will slide for adjustment when you need.

The detailed Stormtrooper helmet and logo gives a subtle and sleek contrast to the black and dark gray of your seatbelts. Many who purchase this also get the Stormtrooper floor mats mentioned above.

10. Star Wars Death Star USB Car Charger


The Death Star is one of the franchises well known hall marks with companies like LEGO creating model replicas available for building. This car charger is a must have for Star Wars ship fans who have the space in their vehicle to hold the miniature cruiser, usually just an extra cup holder spot.

A fun little party trick to impress your passengers is the light up and sound feature that activates when plugging in your device. However, the feature can also be disabled with a switch for those who want something less distracting.

This gadget is perfect for you if you have long commutes or are otherwise in your vehicle frequently and like to have your phone charged at all times.

11. Han Solo’s Lucky Charm Dice Pendant


This would definitely be a favorite car accessory for those who watched ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’. The gold alloy dice itself has a solid quality feel with some weight to it. Each dice reflects the same 6 intricate details shown in the movie and has a shiny gloss to it.

A curb style gold chain with open link on each end is included so you can customize how you want to place them; flat on a surface or hanging over something. This pendant is a great addition to a rear-view mirror giving it the classic dice look while giving some Star Wars vibes.    

12. Star Wars Car Magnets


A simple way to express any and everything Star Wars on the outside of your vehicle. Getting a Star Wars car magnet is probably the cheapest and worthwhile accessory you can get sit they are durable and usually last for years.

Whether it’s an emblem showing your allegiance or a funny quote that’s sure to catch some eyes and make some laughter, car magnets are a fun way to give a personality to your car.

13. Disney Parks Star Wars Car Antenna Topper Set


Catch the eyes of every driver around you with this set of antenna toppers. Customizing the antenna makes the vehicle vastly more noticeable and is the perfect chance to show off your favorites.

The set of 4 gives you a selection of R2-D2, Yoda, Boba Fett, and a Stormtrooper. It’s a simple plug and play accessory that takes less than 5 minutes to install.

14. Star Wars Rubber Seat Floor Mats


Car floor mats are a great buy for anyone with a car. They are a practical purchase that also gives personality. This addition to your vehicle not only protects your carpet against spills and stains, but also makes it easier to remove any trash or debris that fall over time. These are especially useful for people who drive in rain and snow because they keep moisture off the interior, preventing that wet carpet smell.


The vibrant white is molded into the rubber which will prevent fading no matter how many feet land on the storm trooper face. Perfect for yourself or a gift to another Star Wars enthusiast, this practical accessory does the job while looking great. There is also an option to get Darth Vader for those who want Darth Vader car accessories.

Whatever Star Wars auto accessories you choose to get is up to you and how you want to show your vehicle off. From the ones who want to show a subtle flash of their guilty pleasure to those who express their hardcore fandom for the franchise, this review guide was created to cover many different and varying products that everyone would enjoy as car accessories.