How to Remove Blind Spot Mirrors Using Household Items

How To Remove Blind Spot Mirrors

Removing your blind spot mirrors can get more complicated than simply pulling them off from your car. This guide will show step by step how to remove your blind spot mirrors using items most people have laying around in their homes.

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Supplies You Need

  • Cloth (Microfiber preferred)
  • Dental floss or fishing line
  • WD-40 or windshield wiper spray
  • Hairdryer or heat gun (Optional)

Check out this video or this link to see how to make an easy cleaning solution

Steps to Remove Blind Spot Mirrors

  1. Set your hairdryer or heat gun to low heat and point it 5 inches away from the mirror util you are able to slightly twist the blind spot mirror around (This step is optional if you live in hot weather as the glue will already be able to do this)
  2. Take your floss or fishing line and coat it with your WD-40 or wiper spray
  3. Grip and place floss or line behind the blind spot mirror  
  4. Swing through the glue using a left and right motion until you break through the other side
  5. Apply spray on side mirror and wipe the residual glue with a cloth until clean  

Some Helpful Tips

  • Don’t be hesitant to use force when cutting through the glue. It’s made to stretch and sometimes requires a little strength to cut through
  • Be careful not to keep your dryer or heat gun on for too long as the plastic of the mirror can become disfigured from the heat
  • Spray right above the mirror every once in a while so the solution can keep the glue soft and make it easier to break apart
  • If the glue is especially stubborn, get some GooGone.

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