Learn How To Install Blind Spot Mirrors Correctly

how to place blindspot mirrors

Blind spot sensitivity is one of the most common reasons for side to side vehicle collisions on roads. Even when your mirrors show no signs of nearby cars, there is always a chance that another driver has already sneaked into your blind spot without you noticing.

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Are Blind spot Mirrors Useful?

The quick answer is yes, blind spot mirrors are useful. They are useful especially with people with larger vehicles or those who find it difficult to check with their head. While they are not completely necessary to have, blind spot mirrors make it extremely easy and comfortable to check your blind spots if installed properly. For larger vehicles it allows drivers to view their entire side with one glance and allows for more awareness when turning or changing lanes.

Blind Spots While Driving

A blind spot in a vehicle is an area around the vehicle that cannot be directly observed by the driver while at the controls. Blind spots exist in a wide range of vehicles depending on the size and technological solutions of the vehicle.

The typical blind spots for every day cars are located on the rear sides of the vehicle, shown in the graphic below.

How To Install Blind Spot Mirrors Correctly

Where and How to Install Blind Spot Mirrors

The most common areas to place blind spot mirrors are the upper outer corner and the lower outer corner of the side mirror.

Those who have preferred mirror adjustments without following the above steps should place blind side mirrors at the upper outside corner to ensure blind spots are covered.

Drivers those who have already done the recommended adjustment to the mirrors can generally put the blind spot mirror anywhere they want since the majority of blind spots are mitigated by the mirror adjustment.

TIP: For those who do not have parking assistance as a feature in their vehicle is to place the blind spot mirrors toward the lower outer corners of the side mirrors and point the blind spot mirror down. This will not only give you vision on your blind spot, but also vision on parking lines and curbs if done correctly.  

After figuring out the desired placement:

  • Clean and completely dry your side mirror with any traditional mirror cleaner and cloth  (microfiber works best)
  • Peel off the paper sticker at the back of the blind spot mirror and place it on the desired area
  • Use a cloth or towel to gently press down against the mirror for a couple seconds to make sure it holds firmly at high speeds   

How to Adjust Car Mirrors for Maximum Visibility

It is important to check that the alignment of your side and rear view mirrors are correct beforehand so you can create the biggest field of vision, decreasing the size of your blind spots.

More often than not, most drivers adjust side mirrors inward enough so that they can see the edge of their vehicle and feel more comfortable knowing they have vision of the body of the vehicle.

The truth is doing this actually gives you less vision of your surroundings and leaves a bigger blind spot in the process. This often creates overlap between mirrors and causes more confusion to the driver.

Proper side mirror placement involves pointing them further out into the lanes beside you, away from the side/edge of your car.

Unfortunately, they do not have a center point of focus we can use as a guide. These mirrors allow for more personal adjustment, but also error.

If you’re finding that you need more height on your seat to better see your mirrors and surroundings, check out our recommendations on car seat cushions.

Adjusting Side Mirrors

  • Starting with the driver side, put your head up against the window and adjust your mirror out so you can barely see the side of the car
  • Stay seated in the driver seat, but shift your body so you are at the center of the car and over the console (between the driver and passenger seats)
  • Adjust the passenger side mirror out so you can again, barely see the side of the car

Adjusting Rear View Mirror

  • Make sure the rear view mirror (the center mirror you look at to see vehicles behind you) is centered to your view and shows your entire back windshield when looking through
  • Create an angle that allows you to look at the mirror comfortably without moving your neck.

Now when a vehicle is passing you, you will first see it in your center mirror. As it leaves your center mirror, it will show up on your side mirror which you can see with your peripheral vision out to the side.

This setup gives you a more panoramic view of what’s going on around your vehicle as your driving and allows you to easily keep sight of a vehicle passing you

After adjusting the car mirrors for maximum visibility, blind spot mirrors can be placed to completely eliminate any remaining blind spot and provide extra vision when parking.


Blind spot mirrors are a cheap and effective way to stay safer on the roads. With correct mirror adjustments and mirror placement, they can provide a sense of peace in mind knowing you have proper vision and awareness of your surroundings while driving at all times.