Top 10 Best Car Audio Brands | Buyers Guide

Looking to get more quality in your car audio but don’t know where to start? Check out our guide on the top 10 best car audio brands in today’s market.

We’ll cover the best car speaker brands, a top 10 car audio brands list, and the best car speakers for bass and sound quality.





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Alpine R-Series

Top Pick

6.5" 2-component system

Peak: 300 watts per set

Frequency Response: 65-29kHz 

- Ultra smooth 1" silk dome tweeter

Ultra clear mids and highs


- Hybrid fiber woofer with multi-roll

rubber surround


Hertz SPL 

Top Pick


6.5" component speaker

Peak: 400 watts

Frequency Response: 100-29kHz

-Elevated frame cooling

Fills the environment with clear vocals and

500hz to 6khz sounds

Morel Tempo 

Top Pick

6.5" 2-way component speakers 

Peak: 300 watts 

Frequency Response: Full Range 

- 90db sensitivity means plenty of 

volume with less power

very warm and clean sound

tons of power handling


Image Dynamics CSX 

Top Pick

6.5" 2-way component speakers 

Peak: 250 watts 

Frequency Response: 65Hz-25kHz 

- Bright and smooth mids

with controlled and tight bass

option to mount the tweeters 

coaxially or as separates


Our Top 10 Car Audio Brands 

We’ll be breaking down our top 10 car audio brands by price range. Take a look at this chart to get a general feel of what brands to look out for!

top 10 car audio brands


The Japanese electronics powerhouse, Alpine was originally created in 1967 as a joint venture between Alps Electric and Motorola.

Tried and true in the audio industry, Alpine has been around for a while and for good reason. Alpine speakers are considered the ‘gatekeeper’ of the best car audio brands. They are quality components that have multiple partnerships with car manufacturers all around the world. 

top 10 car audio brands


Since 1975, this Israeli-based brand has developed technology that makes you feel the music as if your are in the recording booth rather than on the road.

Morel is the cream of the crop brand that is known for the professional craftsmanship and expertise in audio technology. Most of their car speakers might seem a little pricey but they are not. Their silk domes provide crystal clear sound in your audio system. Pair it with their extremely well-built crossover or get a component set and it will be well worth it!

top 10 car audio brands


Polk is a Maryland-based company that has redefined the live-acoustic sound in speaker technology. They are priced fairly for the bump in quality you get from great speakers to the best speakers. 

best car audio brands


Arguably one of the best brands on this list, infinity was founded in California in 1968. It has since then come stock in every luxury Kia, Hyundai, and Chrysler vehicle for nearly 2 decades. They dominated the U.S. and Asian car market for so long and are notably one of the longest to be in the game. 

how to replace car speakers

JL Audio

James Birch and Lucio Proni (JL) are the audio enthusiasts who founded JL Audio in Florida and has climbed the ranks ever since. You will probably hear of this brand in most if not all top audio lists. They not only produce the highest quality speakers, but also speakers that are still great without breaking the buck.

best car speaker brands


Initially designed for instruments and stereos, this audio titan emerged as one of the best car speaker companies in the 90’s is still one of the best today. They provide exceptional bass quality while still maintaining the fullness of the mid-range. 

best car speakers for bass and sound quality


Pioneer is a Japan-based company that makes some of the best subwoofers in the market. They have focused heavily on their subwoofers and are almost a specialist company. However their amplifiers are a little lacking so we recommend you stick with what they are good at.

subwoofer brands list


Kicker is an up and coming brand that has been providing excellent quality speakers and horns while being fairly priced. Don’t let the lack of popularity fool you their car amps can pack a punch.

best car speaker brands


JBL is another brand that is one of the most popular. Although not all of their models offer high quality, there are certain mid-range speakers that are a good bang for your buck. 

How To Look For The Best Car Audio Brands

Before you go ahead and buy one of the brands we’ve mentioned, it’s important to know what you’re looking for. Take a look at this explanation of the different components to watch out for.

The Main Types and Components of Speakers

The 2 general types of speakers are Coaxial (Full Range) Speakers and Component Speakers. These general types are also categorized into 3 different components in a system: Subwoofer, Woofer, and Tweeter.

2 Types of Speakers

Coaxial (Full Range) Speakers:

Full range speakers will have most if not all components you want into an upgrade. They usually contain a woofer to handle the lower range of frequencies and a tweeter for the higher range. 

Full range speakers are generally for those who are looking for an easy upgrade with minimal work and research.

They are also somewhat customizable. Some full range speakers have detachable tweeters that can be placed differently to direct the sound being produced

If you’re an enthusiast, audiophile, or want full customization then you’re better off with component speakers.

Component Speakers:

These are individual speakers designed for a set range of frequencies. Mix and match them to produce custom and distinct tones in your audio.

If you’re looking into customizing your audio system you’ll need a crossover. Crossovers essentially connects all the individual component speakers into one system.

The 3 Components In Speakers


Subwoofers are the largest speakers in an audio system and get be as big as 20”. They produce the low frequencies in the audio. 

They are generally not installed with a stock car audio system. If you listen to hip-hop, edm, or are a basshead in general then this is probably the style you want.


Woofers are the most commonly known and used car speaker in the market. They are the bread and butter of audio and are guaranteed to be present in any car audio system.

They are medium sized ranging between 3”- 8” and are responsible for producing your mid-range frequencies with more clarity.

If the woofer is smaller in size it’s designed to handle a higher range of frequencies than a larger woofer. 

In advanced car audio systems you’ll find multiple woofers of different sizes meant to support a high quality range of both mid-bass and mid-high frequencies.


The name explains itself. Tweeters are the smallest speakers designed to handle the high-end frequencies in the audio. They are usually smaller than 2” in size and don’t weight too much. In fact, they’re usually placed in the middle of the woofer!

Those who listen to things like heavy rock, Mariah Carey, or any genre that reaches high notes should consider a high quality tweeter.

You’ll really notice the difference in the sharpness and clarity of high pitched audio with a good tweeter.

How To Upgrade Your Car Audio System

There are more parts in an audio system than just the speakers. These parts are just as important when trying to produce a quality audio sound and shouldn’t be overlooked.


Amplifiers are probably the most recognized component after the speaker itself. It’s a common name heard frequently in the audio world.

This is because amplifiers can be used with any speaker. Their general function is to amplify the sound produced by the input source.

Every car has an amplifier, but it’s usually quite small and is able to provide a stock audio system. 

As soon as you upgrade your speakers it is recommended you also upgrade the amplifier to prevent bottlenecking the system. 

Amplifiers are categorized based on the number of speakers they can power. The more speakers it can handle, the more expensive it will be.


As previously mentioned, crossovers are electronic components that controls and directs where the sound is played based on frequency. 

They are present in every car audio system and in full range speakers. 

Now looking for the best car speaker brand can be hard to do especially when people have different preferences.

Some might think the best car audio brand can give them the best bang for the buck. Others might look for pure quality for their best car speaker brand.

Our “Top 10 Car Audio Brands” list compiles the best car audio brands and their best products based on numerous criteria. There is sure to be something for everyone!

Extra Tips

  • Size isn’t everything! Different speakers are different sized for specific purposes. Don’t buy the biggest speaker you see and think you’re getting the best quality!
  • Different Brand are better for different price ranges: Some companies might make models for all price ranges, but usually are only of quality in a few of their items.
  • Do your research on speaker brands! Some companies make expensive components well, while others make budget-friendly models well

Final Thoughts

This concludes our buyers guide on the best car audio brands today. Be sure to check out our top picks list at the top of the page for the best recommendations!